Campaigner and Press Officer at One Kind


£20,000 – 25,000 dependent on experience


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Closing Date:
Friday 21st June 2019

Interview Date:
TBC 2019 (held in Edinburgh)

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OneKind is Scotland’s leading animal protection, campaigns and advocacy charity, covering all animals, operating from our office in Edinburgh. Our mission is to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals through investigations, campaigns, research and education. For over 100 years, we have carried out public awareness and educational campaigns, produced scientific research and reports, and exposed both legal and illegal cruelty to animals. We have developed a reputation for effective campaigning and reliable, evidence-based opinions and solutions to problems. We are regularly consulted by politicians and officials on animal welfare issues.

Our current priorities are to give wild animals the opportunity to thrive and live cruelty-free lives and to end the suffering of animals that are kept as pets and that are involved in the pet trade. Our specific aims currently include:

  1. Ban the use, sale and manufacture of snares
  2. Support the greater regulation of driven grouse shooting and address wildlife cruelty and persecution issues such as trapping and poisoning and the culling of mountain hares on driven grouse estates
  3. End the persecution of beavers, mountain hares and seals
  4. Continue to campaign and expose issues relating to the Scottish salmon farming industry.
  5. Campaign for greater farm animal welfare in Scotland and lobby to ensure animal welfare is recognised as an element of food quality.
  6. An effective ban of hunting animals with dogs
  7. Secure a real ban the use of electric shock collars and other pain-based training tools and techniques
  8. Through field investigations and campaigning support the need for regulation regarding the use of animals used for entertainment and display at public shows and at private parties and at Christmas

However, the Campaigner and Press Officer can expect to deal with a wide range of animal issues that arise in the press and media, or in enquiries from the public and our members.

OneKind is a small but highly effective and dynamic charity. We are composed of a small team of six staff working with a growing network of passionate volunteers and a growing membership base. Our resources are limited. This means the campaigner must take an innovative and resourceful approach to campaigning and be willing to get involved with and support other OneKind work areas and priorities, particularly fundraising and membership recruitment. This is an extremely exciting time to join us as support for OneKind is growing following the recent introduction of membership and the expansion of our campaigns work.

The Campaigner and Press Officer will be expected to be able to develop and deliver campaigns independently, but with support and input from the rest of the OneKind team. This will require experience and an understanding of campaigning and how to influence decision-makers. OneKind policy and priorities are set by the Director in consultation with the Policy Adviser.

With online campaigning becoming ever more important, the campaigner will be expected to maintain and further develop innovative digital campaign plans that work in tandem with our advocacy and campaigning on the ground. These plans should seek to empower and engage our existing supporters whilst continuing to grow our overall supporter base and membership.

Key Objectives of the job

  1. Develop and deliver effective campaigns that result in improvements in animal welfare
  2. Communicate OneKind’s key messages to the public and stakeholders online and in person
  3. Work as part of the OneKind team to grow support for the organisation

Main Duties

Campaign planning and delivery

  • Develop campaign plans in consultation with the OneKind team, working closely with partner organisations as needed.
  • Maintain and keep updated the OneKind campaign plan.
  • Deliver campaign actions, including e-actions, online petitions, social media campaigning, letter writing, media work, etc.
  • Produce campaign communications material and copy for the OneKind website, magazine, leaflets and other outlets as required.


  • Act as Press Officer for OneKind. Draft and publish press releases, develop relationships with key journalists, and secure press coverage for OneKind and its campaigns.
  • Answer media enquiries as required.
  • Lead manager for OneKind’s social media profiles
  • Project manage events for stakeholders and politicians as required
  • Represent OneKind at public events, e.g. exhibitions, festivals, street campaigns stands, as required
  • Write email communications for OneKind members and supporters
  • Write articles for the OneKind magazine, blogs and other content for OneKind’s website


  • Manage the OneKind Animal Advocates programme
  • Oversee the OneKind Planet Social Media platform as needed
  • Represent OneKind at meetings on behalf of the Director. E.g. Scottish Food or Revive Coalitions.
  • Work as part of the OneKind team to develop the organisation and grow support for our work as required.


Applicants must apply for this position by Friday 21st June 2019. Please click on the button below and fill out your details…