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Public Sector

Working in partnership with Public Sector organisations…

With AWS you can expect a superior service, you can count on our discretion, advice and support throughout the whole Search Process.


Working within the Public Sector can be challenging, whether it is limited resources, smaller budgets and restrictions in terms of time.


We focus on your budget and the experience it affords, we then conduct a thorough Search Process, shortlisting candidates who most accurately match your needs. We don’t present you with CVs to sift through. We recommend who we pre-screen, and shortlist based on our years of recruitment experience at senior management / executive level

How do we do this?

With a bespoke, research-based search campaign. That is, a rigorous search of the private, public and non-profit sectors. This executive search will be unique to you. In other words, it’ll reflect your priorities, culture and needs.

Your consultant will devote a lot of time to briefings. They know what questions to ask, and how to spot competent candidates. What’s more, they’ll be available throughout the process.

Furthermore, you’ll get the expertise of one of our leaders. They’ll be on-hand all through your search, offering both unique insights and an informed perspective.

We offer experience with all senior manager roles such as; Chair & Board level appointments, Director of Policy, Director of Development, CEO / Principals, Assistant / Deputy Principals, Health & Safety Executives, Law Enforcement, Director of Housing, Senior Human Resources positions, Senior Finance positions, and Senior IT and Technology positions.

To sum up, you might want your search to be broad, national or global. On the other hand, you might want it to be discreet and targeted. But either way, you’ll have our full attention.

Providing an honest, unrivalled approach to Executive Search & Selection…

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