Who can you trust to find charity trustees?

Charity trustees

A charity trustee needs a wide range of skills. They need to be able to understand the charity’s challenges, know how to address them, and help the organisation evolve their operations. The best charity trustee boards do this constructively and enthusiastically, drawing on each member’s unique expertise, experiences and ideas to empower the organisation as a whole.

So it’s important to have a diverse trustee board that can contribute fresh perspectives, broaden the charity’s knowledge and inspire more creative thinking. Because a board of like-minds who agree with each other all the time might seem like a smooth operation, but they might also miss unfamiliar risks and opportunities.

‘You need to look in unexpected places, and be clever about when and how you recruit.’

So when it comes to recruiting charity trustees, you want someone who’ll bring something fresh to the mix. But they should also be someone you’ve built a relationship with, and who understands how you can work together in a way that benefits your charity’s service users.

This is why it’s often best to take the same approach as you would when recruiting for a high-level paid role. You need to look in unexpected places, and be clever about when and how you recruit.

‘Recruiting the right trustees takes time and effort.’

All boards should ensure their own effectiveness and renewal. And a governing body should make sure it has enough trustees and a plan for succession. So it’s worth evaluating the board every year by asking:

  • Do we have enough trustees with useful expertise and experience?
  • Do any of them need training or support to handle their tasks?
  • Do we need any new trustees?
  • Where might we find them?

With trustees being such critical people to your organisation, recruiting the right ones takes time and effort. Especially is it’s your first time using open recruitment. But it’s worth it to ensure you get the right people.

At AWS Executive, we’re devoted to finding the most effective trustees for charities, NGOs and non-profit organisations. If you’re looking to add a new element to your board, talk to us today

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